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Frequently asked questions

People are being scammed left and right. This needs to be stopped!

The Internet is filled with snake oil salesmen promoting their "shortcuts" to financial success and other scams.

Literally everywhere you go, there is an ad that promises to quickly turn you into a successful trader, businessman, real-estate owner, Facebook ads expert, email marketer, bodybuilder, etc.

These fake gurus prey on people's desire for quick, easy results. They know how to manipulate with our fears of failure and mediocrity. They sell people a dream of success for thousands of dollars. And, for the most part, that's all it is - just a dream.

And while some people can easily see past their lies and false promises, the reality is that a majority of people can't. So they end up falling for these scams and losing much of their hard-earned money.

Through this crowdsourced database project, we aim to create a one-stop shop for tracking, comparing, and exposing all online gurus. We want to make it easier for people to spot fake gurus and avoid getting scammed.

Absolutely. We’re building the definitive online database of gurus, so we’ll need all the help we can get! Here are three easy ways you can help:

Stumbled upon some helpful information about a fake guru on online forums, social media groups, or other websites? Head to our database worksheet and share the relevant data and information you’ve come across.

Have a friend or a family member who has been scammed by a fake guru? Get their insider insights and add them to the Google sheet.

Spread the word about this project! 🙌 The more awareness we can build, and the more help we can get, the better. Help us raise awareness and build a community of contributors to grow our database of fake gurus by sharing our website and database worksheet with your trusted network.

The following are excellent sources for reviews, insights, and background information on fake gurus: Reddit, Discord, TrustPilot, Twitter, YouTube, Quora, Instagram, Forex Peace Army, Forex Factory.

Please double-check the authors when adding insights and reviews from other users. For example, if you use reviews from Reddit - carefully check the reviewers' accounts. What have they posted before, have they promoted the guru in other posts, etc.

We will try our best to cross-check the user contributions to ensure data accuracy and the reviews' validity. In addition, we plan to add volunteer admins to help us with quality assurance to safeguard the integrity and reliability of the database.

The Fake Guru industry scams swindle millions of dollars from the pockets of honest, hard-working people every year. It's not always easy to quickly understand who is a fake guru and who is a legit specialist.

The information gathered in this crowdsourced project will be compiled and organized into a definitive online database of online gurus.

We'll create individual profile pages for every guru featuring in-depth information on their cons, pros, and tactics.

People will be able to get an honest overview of the most popular gurus in one easy-to-use independent platform. will also feature various categories, allowing users to filter and sort through our directory of gurus based on industry, practice, product, and other variables.

Contributing to our database is easy! Our current database worksheet has 15 existing data points (separated by columns) for every guru entry (separated by rows) categorized over 10 different industries/sectors (separated by sheets).

Data Points (Columns)

Picture, Name & Surname, Date of Birth, Nationality, Alleged Profits, Alleged Net Worth, Red Flags, Positives, Insider Insights, Product Name, Assets Taught (For Trading gurus), Price for Full Course, Alleged Story, Website, and Youtube Channel.

Industries/Sectors (Sheets)

Trading, E-Commerce, Business, Mindset, Fitness, Yoga, Bodybuilding, Real Estate, Dating, and Spiritual.

To ensure consistency and organization, please observe the following formatting guidelines when contributing new information to our database worksheet:

Adding a New Guru

Before adding a new guru, make sure to check the database for an existing entry. Hit CTRL+H (on a Windows PC) or CMD+SHIFT+H (on a Mac) and type in the name of the guru you’d like to add. Make sure Search → All Sheets is selected, then click Find.

• If there’s an existing entry: Head to the existing row for your guru and review the information that’s already there. Got new information? Add your new information under the relevant column category.
• If there’s NO existing entry: You’ll find a list of sheets at the bottom of the database worksheet. Head to the relevant industry or sector sheet for your new guru input. In the next empty row, add a picture of the new guru in the first column. Add corresponding information about the guru under the appropriate column categories in the same row.

Adding New Information

To add new data point information to existing gurus:

👉 Navigate to the relevant guru’s row or entry.
👉 Review the existing information under the appropriate data point column to make sure your contribution is an original addition.
👉 Double-click on the cell for your information’s appropriate data point column (e.g. “Product Name”) to add your new information.
👉 If the appropriate data point for your new information does not exist, you may add a new column for your data point in Row 1.

Basic Ground Rules

⛔ Do not delete existing information in the cell or any information written by other contributors. If your new information contradicts existing data in the cell, simply add your new information, and our QA team will take care of verifying contributions and resolving discrepancies.
⛔ Do not add inaccurate, false, or misleading information to the database worksheet.
⛔ Do not advertise, spam, or include irrelevant inputs in the database worksheet.

87% of people who get scammed by fake gurus don't report it anywhere. We aim to fix that.

Feel free to contact us: [email protected]